We will meet the needs of ourcustomers with reliabletechnology for more than 50years since our founding.

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Industry-leading technology

Quality control cultivated through many years of development

Original development ability to adapt to the times

Hand sealer

Please leave it to Tamaki for the design and manufacture of various blender.

various blender
Tamaki Co., Ltd. has produced reliable products in the history of more than 50 years and has delivered them to customers all over the world. This is also thanks to all the people involved, including the customers who supported us. Thank you very much.

Tamaki will continue to listen to the voices of our customers and contribute to society as a manufacturer that responds to their needs. And we will promote global expansion, and all employees will work together so that more customers around the world can use better products. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Tamaki's strengths

Tamaki's strengths
Tamaki Co., Ltd. handles weighing machines, mixers and hand sealers used in our customers' production lines.

We can also propose system engineering and plant engineering as a series of production lines that incorporate various automation, management, and control systems.

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Raw material transport
Weighing machine
Raw material transport Weighing machine Blender

Continuous weighing machine
Hand sealer
Custom order
Continuous weighing machine Hand sealer Custom order

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Tamaki Co., Ltd., which was bornin Kohoku Ward, Yokohama Cityin April 1968, is the firstdomestically produced mixing andstirring company.

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Introducing material transportaircraft, mixing stirrers, andweighing machines developed byTamaki Co., Ltd.

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Tamaki Co., Ltd. is looking forfriends who can be happytogether! Would you like tocontribute to society throughmanufacturing? Society needsyour power

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